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We, the members of the Board of Education of School District 194, are aware of the trust and responsibility vested in the Board by the community and by the statutes of the State of Illinois.
We pledge to exercise this trust and responsibility in a way which will ensure for the children of our District the best educational opportunities that the resources of the District and our efforts can provide.

In fulfilling our responsibilities, we recognize that the public school is formally charged with the education of the child. Education is personal in nature and aims at the ultimate development of the individual so that he/she can contribute to his/her personal fulfillment and the betterment of the society of which he/she is a part.

The best education is obtained through utilization of all the resources available to the School District. This requires knowledge of the needs of children, the application of the District’s resources to meet the needs and, above all, an outstanding professional staff sharing the community’s aspirations for its children and exercising the leadership to make these aspirations a reality. To reach these objectives, we will provide the best professional freedom and encouragement of the staff to enable it to achieve the objectives of our program. We will encourage teachers to attempt and implement new and imaginative ways of teaching, thus providing the opportunity and the atmosphere for the students to discover themselves through creative experiences.

We believe that our goals should reflect our highest hopes and aspirations for children and serve as a guide in planning all curriculums. In this we will provide a sound program in the basic subjects and disciplines which will stimulate a desire for broad and fundamental learning, leading to intellectual competency which is the primary function of the school. This will contribute to the development of self-education and a sense of responsibility. We will strive to develop an appreciation of home and other social institutions as well as an ability to live harmoniously with one another. We will assist children to understand and appreciate the value of work, training for the world of work and its rewards.

We believe that all children should have an opportunity to learn and practice democratic principles leading to understanding of honest differences in controversial matters, understanding of our social structure and cooperation in its social processes, and good citizenship with a respect for the law of the land.