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Parents and guardians often wonder what their children will be learning in any given school year.  For that reason, each of the following curriculum guides provides an overview of the anticipated outcomes for each elementary grade level.  All outcomes are aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards.  Teachers use many research-based instructional strategies and multiple materials to achieve the outcomes.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to use the curriculum guides as they discuss their child's progress with teachers.
Elementary Schools

The following curriculum guides reflect the curriculum taught at Columbia Central School.  These are available by department. Each guide highlights the skills and knowledge taught in each of the subject areas.  In addition to the curriculum guides, there is a brochure showcasing our many extracurricular opportunities.  There is also one devoted to physical education and sports.  We encourage all parents and guardians to review the home-school compact.  It outlines the responsibilities of the student, the home and the school so that each learner can be guided to his or her fullest potential.  The information contained within the curriculum guides will help you understand what your student is learning and provide a framework for working collaboratively with the instructional staff.

Columbia Central Art Department

6th Grade Reading & Language Arts

7th Grade Reading & Language Arts

8th Grade Reading & Language Arts

6th Grade Math

7th Grade Math

8th Grade Math


Social Studies

Columbia Central Physical Education, Health, and Sports

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum maps provide an outline for each content area.  Although the format may vary depending on the content, they typically include the content to be taught, the skills specific to the content, the state goals and standards, and a general time line.  

Curriculum maps serve a variety of purposes.  First of all, they ensure that we are meeting the state standards to the best of our ability.  Prior to the standards, the textbooks served as curriculums and the goal was to teach from the beginning to the end despite the importance of the published material.  The maps allow us to determine which parts of the text are important and supplement with outside materials when necessary.  Of course, this may mean that we no longer teach from cover to cover.  With the help of the state standards, we are able to focus on what is really important.  Curriculum maps also allow teachers from various curriculums to draw parallels between content areas.  Graphing, for example, is a math and science skill.  The use of a common language amongst teachers in these disciplines helps students make the necessary connections.

Curriculum maps are designed to be flexible.  Staff review and revise the maps regularly depending on the students, state test results, and local assessments.  Some content may even be moved from one subject area map to another.  

Our goal is to do what is best for our students and to ensure that the children that leave Steger District 194 are  well prepared and ready to take on their next challenge.  

Please check back as Curriculum Maps will be located here when they are available.